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Latest Issues

Explore the Latest Issues of Emerald City Literary Magazine

Issue 8,

Fall 2021

Issue 7,

Spring 2023

Issue 6,

Spring 2023

Issue 5,

Winter 2021


Our Story and Mission:

Emerald City is a quarterly online fiction magazine founded by the creative writing program at Pittsburg State University in 2019. At Emerald City, we believe fiction is a necessary part of everyday life.


Captivating storytelling transports us to other worlds while allowing us to make more sense of our own. It also exposes us to fresh, untold perspectives.


We’re less interested in what genre something is or its literary status than we are in how much it moves us and how much it teaches us empathy. Whether traditional, experimental, or something else fun, we publish well-crafted stories that make us reevaluate ourselves and our place in the world.


Chief Editor 

Managing Editor

Assistant Editors


Chase Dearinger​

​Kennedy Tomasi

​Khadija Ceesay​

Flynn Gilmore

Zoe Jacquot

Alison Marshal

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We accept submissions of fiction all year. Please do not query until six months after your submission. 

  • Fiction can be of any genre or style. We also accept flash fiction.

  • Stories should be no longer than 10,000 words. Flash fiction should be no longer than 1,500 words (up to 3 pieces per submission).

  • We do not accept previously published works.

  • Please only submit one piece at a time. 

  • We accept simultaneous submissions, but please notify us if you’ve been accepted elsewhere.


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Thanks for submitting!

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